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  • Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Cards Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Cards
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    Smith & Wesson Bullseye Throwing Cards

    The new bullseye throwing cards from Smith & Wesson are a great addition to your throwing arsenal. Well balanced and weighted for throwing with pristine edges to make sure your...
  • Bear Edge - BE127 Black Aluminum Folding Knife

    This beautifully designed folder is built in the USA by Bear Edge. It features a ball bearing opening system for smooth action every time. Blade Material : 440 Stainless Steel Handle...
  • BNB Knives Damascus Black Panther

    Meet the upgraded big brother of the BNB Black Panther. The high quality VG10 Damascus blade deploys smoothly and easily on a ball bearing deployment system. The handle is fashioned...
  • QSP Penguin Shredded Carbon Fiber Red QS130-TRD QSP Penguin Shredded Carbon Fiber Red QS130-TRD

    QSP Penguin Shredded Carbon Fiber Red QS130-TRD

     This knife is a straight up, beautiful masterpiece at an affordable rate. D2 steel and ball bearing washers only add to this knife. The real beauty is in it's handle,...
  • Kizer Infinity Red Micarta Kizer Infinity Red Micarta

    Kizer Infinity Red Micarta

    This Infinity model sports a Red micarta handle and a satin Bohler N690 stainless steel blade in a drop point shape. The Infinity knife utilizes a leaf-like drop point blade and a...
  • The James Brand - The Elko

    Small, yet mighty! The Elko comes equipped with a fully capable yet compact stainless steel blade and a pry bar that doubles as a key ring, bottle opener, screwdriver and...
  • CRKT Drip Tighe 1190 CRKT Drip Tighe 1190

    CRKT Drip Tighe 1190

    The Drip Tighe is beautifully designed by Brian Tighe in Richfiled, Ontario. It features black weaved Carbon Fiber layer “dripping” over layered G-10.This not only looks cool, it’s ergonomic and...
  • Zippo Homo Sapien Skull Design

    This classic Green Matte Zippo Windproof lighter boasts a mossy green finish, accenting an antique anatomy manuscript of the human skull. This Skull Design is created using the color imaging...
  • Gerber Gear Airfoil Orange

    Gerber Gear Airfoil Orange

    A sleek and modern design make the Airfoil a fashionable addition. The aluminum handle adds nearly no weight for effortless opening and comfortable ease of use. A smartly ribbed spine...
  • CRKT Xan CRKT Xan

    CRKT Xan

    Designed by a special ops veteran, the Xan™ /z-ann/ tactically-inspired everyday carry folding knife is your pocket-sized security system. Designed in the wake of the powerful and popular RASP™ tactical...
  • Cold Steel AD-15 Lite Cold Steel AD-15 Lite

    Cold Steel AD-15 Lite

    The AD-15 Lite is the more economical version of the original AD-15 that enthusiasts have been waiting for. Identical in look, style and construction, to the original, the AD-15 Lite features...
  • Cold Steel Double Safe Hunter Slock Master

    If you're looking for a budget friendly yet high-performing folding hunter, look no further than the Double Safe Hunter. It's modeled after our extremely popular old-school Voyager®. Its wide, drop-point...
  • QSP Leopard with G10 & Carbon Fiber Overlay

    The QSP is a folding Liner lock made from Sandvik Stainless Steel and a G-10 handle with Carbon Fiber Overlay. Overall Length: 7.25'' ClosedLength:4.25'' Cutting edge: 3.00" Blade Material: Sandvik 14C28N  Satin finish...
  • CRKT Copacetic

    It carries like a pistol, but acts like a rifle.This tactical folder, inspired by the famous Adaptive Combat Rifle™ by Bushmaster®, stands up to the grittiest challenge. Its smart carry...
  • Mantis Gearhead GH2027T Mantis Gearhead GH2027T

    Mantis Gearhead GH2027T

    Designed By Hawk DesignsThe Gearhead 2027T has a 62 Layered Damascus for the Blade and a 6061 Aluminum on the front and back handle scale with a tanto style blade...
  • Zippo - Samurai Knight Fight Design

    With this Samurai's steady gaze and proud stance, you know its battle has already been won. Watch as combat unfolds across this High Polish Black lighter. This battle scene seamlessly...
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